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Chetna (2005) - Hindi
Producer : Satyavan Pareek
Production Banner : Evershine Films Pvt Ltd
Director : Partho Ghosh
Duration : 145 Minutes
Genre : Romance Thriller Film


Chetna is a ruthless woman, who always thought that women with a beautiful body and scheming mind could get away with anything in this world, until she tried snatching Sameer from Aastha. Aastha is a devoted wife who believes in values and traditions but Chetna has underestimated one thing that Aastha is today’s women. A women capable to compete with anyone and can go at any length to teach a lesson to people who had destroyed her house. So now this is a war between Love and Lust-Traditions and position, Faith and power. A war between a Wife and the other women Chetna.

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