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Hulchul (2004) - Hindi
Producer : Ganesh Jain - Ratan Jain
Production Banner : Venus Records and Tapes
Director : Priyadarshan
Music Composer : Vidyasagar
Cast : Akshaye Khanna, Sunil Shetty, Paresh Rawal, Jackie Shroff
Duration : 160 minutes
Genre : Comedy / Drama


Fiery Angaarchand and his family of four sons Balram, Shakti, Kishan and Jai have taken a vow to stay away from women owing to a past family tragedy.Mere mention of the opposite sex is 'strictly forbidden' in their family.Lakshmidevi is waiting for an opportunity to seek revenge on Angaarchand and his family. As luck would have it, Angaarchand's youngest son, Jai, and Lakshmidevi's grand-daughter, Anjali, land up in the same college. Then starts the game of deceit. Both Jai and Anjali pretend to fall in love with each other to seek revenge for their respective families. But somewhere down the line, all this play becomes serious and the two actually begin to develop true feelings for each other.

Sr. No. Name of the Song Singers Lyrics Duration Audio Video
1 Dekho Zara Dekho Udit Narayan, Kunal Ganjawala Sameer 1.00
2 Rafta Rafta Udit Narayan, Sujatha Sameer 1.00
3 Hum Dil Ke Sadhana Sargam, Shaan Sameer 1.00
4 Lut Gayee Poornima, Raja Lakshmi, Gayatri, Sayonara Philip Sameer 1.00
5 Ishq Main Alka Yagnik, Shaan Sameer 1.00
6 Lee Humne Hariharan Sameer 1.00