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Hum Se Hai Muquabala (1994) - Hindi
Producer : K T Kunjumon
Production Banner : K T Kunjumon
Director : S Shankar
Music Composer : A R Rahman
Cast : Parbhu Deva, Nagma, Shankar, Girish Karnad
Duration : 168 Mintes
Genre : Action, Drama


Student leader in his South Indian (Tamil Nadu) college, popular collegian, Prabhu, is asked by the Principal to invite the Governor of the state, Ranjit Singh Rathore, to be the chief guest on the annual day of the college. When he goes to invite Ranjit, he meets his lovely daughter, Shruthi, and instantly falls in love with her. She too subsequently gets to meet him, and falls in love with him. Since there is considerable fear of terrorism in the state, Ranjit does not permit his daughter to travel anywhere without bodyguards. On one occasion, she does manage to give them the slip and runs away with Prabhu at a dance festival in Chidambaram. Shortly thereafter there is a threat of a bomb being planted there, Shruthi is immediately returned home, and Prabhu is arrested. Shruthi is forbidden to see Prabhu again, while Prabhu is released from police custody, albeit after a severe beating. Prabhu then goes to meet Shruthi, unaware of the changed circumstances, and this is where he will.

Sr. No. Name of the Song Singers Lyrics Duration Audio Video
1 Muqabala Muqabala Mano, Swarnalatha P.K Mishra 1.00
2 Sun Ri Sakhi Hariharan P.K Mishra 1.00
3 Patti Rap Shankar Mahadevan, Noel James, Suresh Peter P.K Mishra 1.00
4 Phoolon Jaise Pyari Pyari S.P.Balasubramaniam P.K Mishra 1.00
5 Gopala Gopala S.P.Balasubramaniam, S Janki P.K Mishra 1.00
6 Sagar Se Milne Sunanda, Minmini P.K Mishra 1.00
7 Premika Ne Pyar Se Udit Narayan, S.P.Balasubramaniam, S.P.B.Pallavi P.K Mishra 1.00
8 Maine Bheja Hai Sandesh Sujatha P.K Mishra 1.00
9 Urvashi Urvashi Shankar Mahadevan, A R Rahman, Noel James P.K Mishra 1.00