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Idiot Box (2010) - Hindi
Producer : Shivnarayan B Singh & Hariish N Sapkale
Production Banner : Ramas Movie Makers
Music Composer : Anand- Milind
Duration : 131 Minutes
Genre : Comedy Drama Film


Born in West Bengal, Subhrojeet Chakraborty re-locates to Mumbai, to work with Lalaji Telefilms as a Creative Head Director. He meets with the Executive Director, Anekta Kapoor, and after going through various formalities - including having his Kundali/Astrological Chart approved - he is hired and instructed to increase the firm's TRP's with a good day-time soap. With all ideas already being telecast by Ekta Kapoor and Balaji Telefilms, he is at a loss and encounters writers' block. This issue resolves itself after he meets with his neighbor, Sumana Roy Chowdhury, and decides to write a story about the two of them. His work is accepted, initial episodes are telecast, and the ratings do surge upwards - but not for long - as soon Sumana finds out, confronts him, the duo find they are attracted to each other and get married. The question remains: with the two getting married, how will the show and the remainder of the episodes proceed?

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