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Jaana Lets Fall in Love (2006) - Hindi
Producer : Tess Mirza
Production Banner : Tess Mirza Films
Director : Shahrukh Sultan
Music Composer : Anand- Milind
Duration : 104 Minutes
Genre : Bollywood Romance Drama Film


Raju, a Hindu, lives a middle-classed lifestyle along with his Christian mother, Mary Disa, and an Islamic foster sister, Salma, in scenic Nainital. He occasionally works as a singer/dancer in a local hotel, and hopes to meet, woo, and marry a wealthy vacationer. When attractive Sindhi-speaking Madhu Sukhani comes there for a vacation along with her widower dad, Shankarnath, and donates one Crore Rupees, Raju decides to try his luck at wooing her. It is then that he finds out that she is only interested in dating men for one day. Will Raju date Madhu for a day, or will he await the arrival of another wealthy vacationer.