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Khoon Bhari Maang (1989) - Hindi
Producer : Rakesh Roshan
Production Banner : Film Krafts
Director : Rakesh Roshan
Music Composer : Rajesh Roshan
Cast : Rakesh Roshan, Rekha, Sonu Walia, Kabir Bedi
Duration : 172 min
Genre : Action, Thriller, Drama


Nandini and Sanjay Verma are lovers, and they conspire to take over the vaste estate of Mr. Saxena and his only widowed daughter, Aarti, and her two children, with the help of Sanjay's maternal uncle Heeralal, a longtime employee of Saxena. After Saxena passes away suddenly, Sanjay woes Aarti and marries her. On a boating trip both Nandini and Sanjay do away with Aarti, making it look like an accident, and subsequently take over the entire Saxena estate. But Aarti survives, disfigured beyond recognition by a crocodile attack, With the help of plastic surgery transforms herself to a successful model, Jyoti. She then plans to carry out her vengeance against Sanjay, but finds that he has been physically abusing her children, pets, and servants. She must now decide to reveal her identity, or continue with her plan and be a spectator to the abuse on her loved ones.