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Red Swastik (2007) - Hindi
Producer : Vinod Pande
Production Banner : Rainspirit Films Pvt. Ltd.
Director : Vinod Pande
Music Composer : Shamir Tandon
Cast : Menaka Chopra, Deepraz, Deepshika, Harsh Chhaya
Duration : 135 Minutes
Genre : Bollywood Thriller Drama Film


A corporate honcho is murdered by a sexy siren after they've make love. She draws a Swastik on his forehead with his blood. More murders take place. The police is completely clueless. As the hot chase ensues, what emerges is not the simple case of a uni-dimensional psychopath killing on whims, but of a very complex split personality of a psychotically bewildered being. At once tantalizingly sensuous with insatiable sexuality; fiercely protective with maternal possessiveness; brutally unsparing with fury of an avenger as well as gratifying warm and caring with sincerity of a true lover. The murderer keeps in touch with the Editor of a woman's magazine since she wants her story to be printed and let the world know the truth behind her behavior. The sad revelation in finality is not that of an abhorrent monster but of a vulnerable and beautiful human being who used her inescapable sexuality merely as a weaponry for social correctitude