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Sardaarji (2015) - Punjabi
Producer : Gunbir Singh Sidhu and Manmord Sidhu
Production Banner : Speed Records
Director : Rohit Jugraj
Music Composer : Jatinder Shah
Cast : Diljit Dosanjh, Neeru Bajwa, Mandy Takhar, Jaswinder Bhalla
Genre : Dance


The film revolves round the main protagonist Jaggi (DILJIT DOSANJH) who is an orphan living in Punjab. He is a sensitive little boy who is troubled by his school mates and colleagues however, he does not lose hope. He discovers that he has a special power through which he can connect to the people from the other world i.e. spirits who are harmless and funny. He helps the spirits in resolving their problems. Jaggi turns out to be a confident, fun loving and strong individual as he grows up and earns a living by helping people who are troubled by the spirits and want to get rid of them.
Meanwhile, far away in England there is a couple who wants to get married in a beautiful castle which is controlled by a Witch. When they learn about this, the wedding invitations have already been sent and above all, her Highness the Queen of England has agreed to attend the wedding and bless the couple. No changes can be made to the venue. The couple goes to different people who claim to control ghosts however, fail in front of the Witch in the castle. The couple comes to know about Jaggi and his skills. They call him to England for help. Jaggi is excited to go to England but, is worried as he doesn’t know how to speak in English. He decides to take the spirit of an English professor Amreek (Jaswinder Bhalla) along with him in a bottle. Jaggi takes help of the professor to communicate with everyone in English.
Jaggi makes a plan to capture the Witch. The witch appears in front of Jaggi from the water. The witch states that only if Jaggi gets Jasmine (a living girl) to meet her, she will leave the castle. Jaggi is mesmerized and falls in love with the witch and is not aware what will happen in future.

Sr. No. Name of the Song Singers Lyrics Duration Audio Video
1 Sardaarji Diljit Dosanjh Veet Baljit 1.00
2 Time Diljit Dosanjh Veet Baljit 1.00
3 Taare Mutiyare Diljit Dosanjh Veet Baljit 1.00
4 I Love U Ji Diljit Dosanjh Veet Baljit 1.00
5 Roku Keda Kaur B Veet Baljit 1.00
6 Veer Vaar Diljit Dosanjh, Tarunam Ranvir Singh 1.00