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Topless (2005) - Hindi
Producer : B.S.SHAAD.
Duration : 117 Minutes
Genre : Romance


Maya, a sexy & beautiful girl, comes to Mumbai to become famous and rich. After some struggle she joins a modeling agency & in a short span of time she becomes successful as a top Model in the Advertising and Fashion World. During this time she meets as handsome boy and fall in love. Now Maya has got everything in life one can wish to have. A moment comes when she is offered high money to model as topless for a product of big corporate sector. She refuses the offers, as she is not saleable. But at some point, Maya has no other option except to be topless. What is Maya’s motive which makes her change her decision? Maya is in such situation that she cannot reveal the reality to her lover. She decides to sacrifice her lover also for the cause. In the climax everything is revealed and all are shocked to know the cause of Maya doing topless.