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Yehi Hai Zindagi (2005) - Hindi
Producer : Gopal Kondawar
Production Banner : NV Films
Director : Ajay Phansekar
Music Composer : Arvind Haldipur
Cast : Pravin Dabbas, Gracy Singh, Saahil Khan, Mukesh Tiwari
Duration : 152 Minutes
Genre : Action, Drama


Vasundhara (Singh) is a classical dancer with a great sense of patriotism and a strong set of Indian,middle class values. She usually doesn't like to perform abroad. Pintya (Tiwari),an underworld don, knows this but wants her to perform in Singapore.So he hires another don Vijay(Dabbas) to help kidnap her, but they soon realize she has left to perform in Mauritius. There, Vasundhara meets and falls in love with Udaybhan (Khan), the son of a businessman. Meanwhile, 2 murders have taken place when she was gone, and 1 of the people killed is the exact man who was trying to save her in the first place. He has left behind 2 kids. When she comes back and realizes what has happened, she must now decide whether to take in the kids and raise them by herself, go back to Mauritius to marry/live with Udaybhan, or continue with her current life.